21 Dec 2021

Lego Therapy: Using Lego to Build Social Skills

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07 Jul 2021

The Use of Play in Therapy

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07 Jul 2021

Ask an OT: What is ‘Crossing the Midline’?

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13 Nov 2020

Ask a Speechie: My child REALLY doesn’t want to practice their tricky speech sounds at home. What should I do? 

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28 Oct 2020

Ask A Psychologist: What is Bibliotherapy?

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26 Oct 2020

The Power of Pets

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26 Oct 2020

Ask a Speechie: Do Social Skills come under the scope of practice for Speech Pathologists?

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28 Sep 2020

What if I don’t have the games at home that we use with our Speech Pathologist?

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28 Sep 2020

How can I help my child through anxiety during uncertain times?

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21 Sep 2020

Why slow and steady wins the race – especially with reading!

Written by Speech Pathologist Alexandra Crea Awards should be given to parents who have added ...Read More

31 Aug 2020

Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Feeding Assessments

Now available via Telehealth! Do you have a child who is a fussy eater? You are&nb...Read More

31 Aug 2020

Featured Resource: The humble washing basket!

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