28 Sep 2020

What if I don’t have the games at home that we use with our Speech Pathologist?

Speech Pathologist Bridgette Mulhern answers this question in our Ask A Speechie series. Spe...Read More

28 Sep 2020

How can I help my child through anxiety during uncertain times?

Psychologist Lisa Jones answers this question in our Ask A Psychologist series. Anxiety is c...Read More

21 Sep 2020

Why slow and steady wins the race – especially with reading!

Written by Speech Pathologist Alexandra Crea Awards should be given to parents who have added ...Read More

31 Aug 2020

Comprehensive Multidisciplinary Feeding Assessments

Now available via Telehealth! Do you have a child who is a fussy eater? You are&nb...Read More

31 Aug 2020

Featured Resource: The humble washing basket!

Written by Senior Speech Pathologist Kate Down Working from home and conducting sessions via tel...Read More

31 Aug 2020

Home Practice: regular, short, fun!

Written by Senior Speech Pathologist Liselle Grant. As part of a family-centred approach, Spee...Read More

13 Jul 2020

Featured Resource – Mr. Potato Head!

Mr. Potato Head is a fun and exciting game that many of us will remember from our own childhoo...Read More

08 Jul 2020

How to foster your child’s emotional security during challenging times

I want my child to still feel connected to their extended family and friends even in times of iso...Read More

06 Jul 2020

Fine Motor Skills

Written by our Occupational Therapist Taly Rink Often, we take fine-motor-skills for granted, e...Read More

25 May 2020

What is vocal hygiene and how can I look after my child’s voice?

We support our children to look after their personal hygiene, including brushing their teeth and ha...Read More

25 May 2020

Ask A Speechie: How can I help build my toddler’s attention skills?

Many parents are taking-on more formal education duties at home with their toddlers, as well as wit...Read More

25 May 2020

May 2020 Service Update

As we enter into our 9th week of telehealth with you, we appreciate that you are entering the 5th w...Read More