Melbourne Child Development is delighted to be able to offer consultations for children and adolescents with children’s naturopath, Georgie Stephen. By offering a range of services available at the Practice, we are working towards our mission to deliver a dynamic, multi-disciplinary team to children and their families.

Georgie loves being a part of the integrative team at MCD and thoroughly enjoys collaborating with children, parents, and other health professionals, investigating and facilitating pathways to optimal health and well-being for families.

What is Naturopathy?

Naturopathy is a form of healthcare that places emphasis on using natural tools to support the body’s health. It is a distinct and complete system of health care that views the body holistically, aiming to identify and treat the underlying cause of illness rather than simply focusing on suppressing or stopping certain symptoms.

Naturopathy works on the premise that the body is completely capable of restoring balanced health when given the right environment, conditions, and opportunities to flourish.

Naturopathic medicine draws primarily upon the use of the medicinal qualities of food, nutritional medicine (supplements), herbal medicine, and targeted lifestyle strategies to build vitality and optimise long-term health.

It considers each child or adolescent as an individual, acknowledging that there are many complex and often interconnected factors that contribute to the health and function of the body.

Naturopathy for kids

Your kids aren’t just mini adults – they have unique needs relevant to their age, stage of development, and current health. They also need different therapeutic approaches that suit their developmental stage, their skills, and their preferences.

Naturopathy is an excellent health care option for kids because it is gentle, non-invasive, and is always looking to address the underlying cause of your child’s discomfort or symptoms. It works to support their naturally high levels of vitality, build on their strengths, and provide them with the necessary building blocks to grow into happy, healthy teens and adults.

Our children’s naturopath, Georgie, understands these needs and finds working with kids and teens to be an absolute joy. She finds that children typically respond to naturopathic treatment very well – bouncing back to good health in no time, and she treasures the opportunity she has to teach kids about their bodies and engage them in their health journey, setting them up with strong foundations and knowledge for life.

What can Naturopathy treat?

Naturopathy is well-suited to supporting your kids through many common childhood health concerns, as well as with more complex conditions that might come up from time to time.

Some common issues that people see a children’s naturopath for include:

  • Digestive complaints – constipation, loose stools, pain or bloating, infections
  • Sleep – trouble falling or staying asleep at night
  • Mood – anxiety or mood swings
  • Picky eaters
  • Skin issues – rashes, allergic reactions, eczema, acne
  • Allergies or allergic conditions like asthma or hayfever
  • Food allergies or intolerances
  • Compromised immunity – recurring colds or ear infections
  • Behavioural challenges
  • Focus and concentration issues
  • Energy – chronic fatigue, low energy
  • Growth and development
  • Hormonal imbalances – thyroid conditions or menstrual cycle support

This list is by no means exhaustive.

To understand if naturopathy can help you or your child, please contact our client services team for more information or to arrange a time to speak with our children’s naturopath Georgie to discuss your health further.

Still have more questions?

Have a read of our Naturopathy Frequently Asked Questions here.

Naturopathy Information Sheets

Naturopathy and Private Health Insurance

You may have heard about the recent changes around Naturopathy and private health rebates. As of April 1st 2019, all private health funds removed naturopathy from their included extras meaning that no more private health rebates are available for naturopathy at this stage. This occurred due to a government reform last year regarding federal contributions to the private health funds for complementary medicine modalities. Since the government removed their contributions for these therapies, the private health funds have chosen not to continue offering these extras to their customers.